Momentum shifted back to ETNZ in Race 10

Dean Barker led ETNZ back to winning ways in Race 10 in perhaps the most hard fought race in America’s Cup history. During the race, each team tacked seven times and gybed seven times. On the upwind leg, the boats met seven times and the lead changed three times.

OTUSA’s top speed in the race was an incredible 44.98 knots! ETNZ hit a top speed of 43.01 knots.

“It was very important to bounce back after the first race; the Oracle boat sailed a great race and gave us no opportunities,” said Barker. “The second race was close across the first reach; they touched the water once, which gave us the lead at the mark. We felt strong at the bottom mark but they sailed a good upwind leg and were right there at the top.”

Watch the video of the pre-start and first leg.

Look carefully during the first leg and you’ll see the splash when OTUSA came off the foils and touched down. That allowed ETNZ to get an overlap and rights to the inside lane at the mark. Without the overlap, OTUSA would have been able to shut the door on ETNZ at the mark.  … and the outcome of the race might have been very different!
Video: ACTV